Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Removal

We went back to Dr. Frazier on November 27 for Chase's pin and cast to be removed. Once again Chase was so good when the nurse took off his cast even though it's a loud and scary machine. Then the doctor came in to remove the pin and this is when I left the room. However, I didn't know when to go back in the room because I thought my cue would be Chase crying... he didn't make a peep. I couldn't believe it. He had a small hole at the end of his finger where the pin was. His arm and hand were also very mangy (if that's a word), just covered in dead skin. His fingernails were also very long and gross. You could tell that it was pretty sore for him for the first couple of days or first week. He wouldn't put any pressure on it and cried if it was jostled or hit. This little boy was seriously a rock star throughout this entire experience.

We bathed him when we got home, trimmed most of his nails and put some lotion on his arm 
and that was that.

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