Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

We decided that our Christmas dinner will be on Christmas eve and that it will be the whole shabang, much like Thanksgiving. We started prepping the turkey on the 23rd. Jon and I have gotten pretty good at cooking a turkey as this was our 3rd or 4th bird together. Pretty impressive. And I have to tell you we always use the Good Eats Turkey brine recipe and we are never disappointed. Oh how delicious it is!

These pictures are a little out of order...

 Pictures by the tree after we read Luke 2 and sang songs. I love family tradition.
 Christmas Eve morning, Chase actually snuggled with me and watched a good portion of The Polar Express. I couldn't believe he sat still for so long. I was eating it up.
Chase spent the day carrying around his laddle, playing in the car the Harris' gifted Chase (there little boy had out grown it), and playing with packages and lights on the tree. 


 And then we feasted! It was so good!
Our cute tree after Santa visited and before Chase awoke.

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