Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mom, Daughter and Chasey Time

It was so nice to host mom at my house. It was fun letting her see my life and seeing her love on Chasey boy. The first picture says a lot about my mom, she loves to laugh and have fun. We did a lot of that while she was here. We also did a lot of "work" while she was here. She helped me put on a company BBQ and we decorated our front room (more pictures to come on that later). I love doing projects with my mom because I learn so much in the process and she is patient with me:).

 The BBQ. Heather and I directing (telling people what to do, we're good at that).
It was a big hit. Lots of people came and I was very happy with the outcome.

We also got to go horseback riding. So fun! Thanks to my sweet friend Anna and Cheri who work at Maple Lake. Mom and dad had horses back in the day and I grew up LOVING them, so it was so fun to get back in the saddle. 

 The leaves had started to change colors and made for a pretty view.

 We also went to Gardner Village. Chase was such a good sport on our many shopping trips trying to get the front room just perfect. He's such a sweetie.
Then there was the Sunday photo shoot after church. Mom's the best at taking pictures.

Thanks for coming Grammy! You're the best and we love you!

Grammy & Grandaddy Arrive

My parents flew in to Utah on Aug. 23 and what a fun trip it was!! Dad was only around until Sunday when he and Jon went on their manly man trip (I'll post pics of that too). So mom and I got a lot of quality time together. It was so fun. The first day full day they were here we hiked the Y. Pretty ambitious huh? They're stellar.

 Chase always falls asleep by the end. He is such a good sport.
 Picture of his first tooth. He only had one for a month or longer and then 4 more shot in.
 We went to Brick Oven and I have to say Chase made a mess! Ooops. It's either messy or fussy, I think the other guests would choose messy.
 He likes showing off his straw sipping skills. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A visit from the Harrisons

Alisa, my dear friend from college, was in Utah visiting family and was able to stop by with her cute family (8.15.12). Her little girl Olivia is 6 months old and that was the first time I was able to meet her. She is a very smiley baby and off the charts for her growth (both Alisa and Ryan are quite tall). Beautiful family.
It was also very fun introducing her to Chase who did not think it was cool to smile in this picture:).
We still hope to be neighbors someday... I haven't given up on that hope yet.

Daddy and Son Time

I am still working at Maple Lake, doing trainings with the staff every so often and on those days Jon and Chase get quality time together. On one of those days, Jon took Chase out all by himself for the first time ever. I was very proud of him and they had a great time together. {I was also very proud that Jon brought the camera to document. I think he's a little more sentimental then he likes to give off. Just sayin.}They of course went for a little hike up Rock Canyon. Aspen got to go too. Hopefully this will only be the beginning of many outdoor adventures together.

Chase and Abby

 Chase was very excited to meet his cousin for the first time...
 but he seemed to be a little too boring for her (hence the yawn) so...
 he tried stealing her toys.

That naughty little boy. 
Don't worry, we're working on sharing but that is a very complex concept and will take a while.
Patience please.

He also loved getting his picture taken with his Nannie, Aunt and cousin...
 but then he tried telling us that they were both done taking pictures.
We apparently didn't understand so more intense measures had to be taken and the crying began.

It's possible Chase was just a little jealous of Mommy and Daddy cooing over Baby Abigail. Don't worry son, you are the cutest baby boy in the whole world and you get spoiled with kisses and love all the time, we can share our love with Abby too. There's that whole sharing concept again, we'll work on it:).

I seriously was so excited to hold his little girl and we are so grateful she is now so healthy and strong!

Abigail Lee Orgill

Sweet Baby Abigail, Kristen and Nate's first baby, came on July 18th. 
Unfortunately due to Jon being sick and driving to Seattle, we didn't get to meet her until she was almost two weeks old which we were very sad about. She had a little bit of a rough start, struggling with jaundice but she is now a very healthy baby. She was actually blessed by her daddy today and it was an honor to be in attendance. We are so happy about this beautiful addition to the Orgill family.

Pictures taken by Nate Orgill.