Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grammy's Visit

Gardner Village and the display of the elves. Chasey enjoyed looking at all of the elves getting ready for Christmas, he was such a good sport letting us take so many pictures of him. Aren't these pictures just adorable of him? His expressions are so tender.

 We also went to go see the lights on Temple Square. It was pretty cold out and we stayed warm with all of the layers we had on. Temple Square is so magical during the Christmas season with all of the lights and creche scenes. I love it!

Mom also decorated our entire tree, so so so helpful! I was in the same room but I was typing up some things for Chase's accident we are still trying to work through. 
Thank you for coming to visit Grammy, we had so much fun with you. Thank you for all of the things that you did to help us, love us and spoil us.
We love you! 

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