Sunday, April 29, 2012

The week of Chase's 6 month Birthday

It's hard to believe Chase is already 6 months old. He is such a sweet baby and so interactive. He loves playing peek a boo and giggling, making coughing noises to get attention, watching Aspen, seeing things drop and watching other babies and kids. He also loves being sung to and being thrown in the air. He is so inquisitive and expects to be able to put everything that I have in my hand into his mouth. He's able to sit up if he has a little prop in front of him before he slowly falls over. He's not really into eating still as the pictures show.


 He seems to be saying, "This stuff is sick and you can't make me eat it."
He has figured out how to pick up his play mat and sometimes gets stuck with it on top of him. He also like to roll to the entertainment center and pull out the dvd's which entertains him for quite a while.

For some reason, he often ends up on his little wrists instead of his palms. It doesn't seem to bother him even though it looks uncomfortable. This last picture really describes him well. He has the cutest smile ever and it draws everyone to him. He is a super happy baby.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nannie's visit and Easter

Chase in his new Easter outfit, I thought he looked adorable, but that's just his mama speakin:).

Sawyer's Mustache BashThe Orgill's with their mustaches on, super cute 1st birthday.

Grandma & Grandpa Barnes 60th Wedding Anniversary
Very fun get together with all of the Barnes family.
Four Generations
Chase and Ruby, 2nd cousins, born about three weeks apart.
Nannie at our house, helping die Easter eggs.

Chase's first cereal

Chase tasted his first cereal. His very first bite, he didn't know what to think of it and he made a face like he thought it was disgusting. He got a few bites in but most of it came out.

The second day more went in and by day three he was really enjoying it.

He was doing really good with it for almost two weeks and then I introduced sweet potatoes and now he wants nothing to do with it. I think the other problem is we need to buy a highchair because the novelty has worn off and playing with his toys and spinning around is more entertaining. Gotta get on that.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Introducing Chase to the Beach

I was so excited about introducing Chase to the beach. While we were in Florida we went 3 times and he did really well. He was interested in the new textures and tastes. We were sure to keep him in the shade of the umbrella and keep his beautiful white skin free of the sun rays. It was nice because it wasn't really hot so he was happy the whole time. It was kind of weird going from winter clothes to bathing suits so forgive the brightness of our skin. Along with that Chase was in shorts and short sleeves the entire time we were there, I loved seeing his chubby little thighs. I think he enjoyed being able to roll around with less clothes on too.

My sweet nephew Austin who loves the beach!

Photo Shoot with Grammy

My mom loves taking pictures and is really good at close up shots. Oh and she LOVES her grandkids and taking pictures of them. She is also really good at making things happen in the moment instead of waiting forever until everything is perfect (like me). She is great at the impromtu and these pictures are the evidence. This little shoot happen without me even knowing. Enjoy every picture. Chase is so smiley these days and I love it.