Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chase is 4 Months

Chase is our sweet little angel. On Feb. 19th, he turned 4 months!
It's weird though because I couldn't imagine life without him.
He really is a sweet baby and brings the best spirit into our home. Without even being able to speak, he makes me want to be better, more holy and more kind.

He has learned to turn over from tummy to back and back to tummy, roll continuously if no one is watching (some how he ends up on one side of the room if I lay him down and leave him), grasp objects (as you can see in the picture), pull gloves off of his hands, find his knees, sit up on his hands or elbows and watch what is going on around him, respond to his name and has begun to notice Aspen and what she is doing.

He loves when we play peek a boo with him and sing to him. He almost always smiles when I sing to him, which I LOVE. He likes having books read to him and putting anything he gets in his hands in his mouth. He also loves to drool. He is intrigued by the light that goes on when I try to take a picture and then he stops smiling so he's not smiling in most pictures.

My dear friend Sheryl was in town from DC and stopped by for a visit. It was the first time she met Chase and it was so fun introducing her. They became fast friends:).

Valentine's Day

In lieu of Valentine's day, Chase wore this shirt because it has red on it. You won't believe this but it was Jon's shirt when he was a baby. His Aunt Ruthie made a red one for Jon and a blue one for Nate. Cute huh?

Jon was really excited because his patrol was upgraded to a Charger. It's a pretty sweet ride. As you can tell, he was pretty happy about it.

Thayne was actually in town for Valentine's day. She flew in town to drive with the boys to Colorado for the funeral of Grandpa Orgill. We had a nice dinner at our house and then Nannie babysat so that we could go get ice cream for a little Valentine's Day date. Maybe we took the Charger and maybe it goes really fast:). It was nice to just be together. I love my honey, he's my eternal Valentine:).

In Loving Memory

Jon's sweet Grandpa Orgill passed away on Saturday, Feb. 11. He was a very righteous and tender husband, father and grandpa who will always be held in very high regard in our family. This picture is when he sealed Jon and I in the Salt Lake Temple (he is on the far left). We are so glad that he was able to seal us and that he played such an important part in our story.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A picnic in February?

Kristen and I thought it would be fun to go up the canyon for a picnic, too bad it ended up being windy and cold. We finished up the festivities at our house with some hot chocolate. It was Chase's first picnic and I think we might have to go on another one to show him how fun they really can be.

Sewing gets me uber frustrated...

...but in the end, it usually works out. This is the carrier cover I made for Chase. I'm pretty happy with it, I just wish it hadn't taken me so long. Hopefully the next one will go faster!

Jon's been busy

Jon has had a lot going on at work these days. He was invited to be on the SWAT team (a couple of months ago) and has monthly trainings for that and recently has had 2 or 3 calls outs a month. It is really good training and I'm glad he is learning more tactics. He has really enjoyed it.

He was also invited to be on the Honor Guard, which is an elite group that does more military style presentations for community events. The event pictured below was the funeral for Captain Bolda. Some of the police wives made ribbons for the wives to wear to the funeral, it was a very sweet gesture. It was also nice to meet many of the officers I have heard so much about.

Jon is third from the right.

(For some reason these pictures got out of order, sorry)
On top of all that, the past three weeks, Jon has been interning with the Public Information Officer. That's basically the officer that works with the media in releasing information about different cases. Jon has done quite a few interviews, on tv and radio, and has done an awesome job. Jon obviously isn't that guy who loves to have his face on tv but is very eloquent with words and has enjoyed seeing how the administration works in the department. Here is a link to a tv interview he did and here is a link to a write up he did for the internet. Pretty awesome, huh!
Good job, honey:).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A play date with Auntie Em & Sawyer

On Monday, I went to Emilie's house for the day. It was so fun to get out and have face to face adult conversation. I love their home and felt so comfortable, Emilie and Jake are so great. Sawyer is a very active little boy and loved trying to figure out what Chase was.

That night I noticed my eye getting really red, bummer. Tuesday I ended up at the doctor getting it figured it out. Some bacterial infection, ugh. I want a week with no sickness!

Our little man

I haven't taken any pictures with Chase in a while so these were an attempt to take them on my own. I had just bundled him to take Aspen out and be outside for a little bit.

I think Chase looks so much different when he is sitting up on his own in his Bumbo. He can now sit in it for five minutes or so while holding a toy (even if he drops it a few times) without getting frustrated and crying. And on Saturday, Chase giggled for the first time, it was SO CUTE! Jon was talking to him and he giggled, we laughed so hard, it was so fun. He did it again while we were singing to him. Another of his tricks is turning over from his tummy to his back. He doesn't love being on his tummy so he flips over almost every time we put him on his tummy now.