Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day!

In lieu of St. Patty's Day, I made Jon a green treat.
It was the best (and only) green smoothie he's ever had.

Loving My Feet

Chase is LOVING his feet these days. He's more interested in his feet than toys at times. Sometimes I put him in his crib for a nap and he plays with his feet until he falls asleep.
I took the bumper out of his crib when I changed his crib sheet and was delayed in putting it back. I went to get him up from his nap and look where I found him, just "hanging out". Don't worry, he wasn't there for long. I now know the purpose of bumpers, to keep the rollers from hitting their heads and the hanging outers to keep arms and legs inside the crib. What a cutie.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Happy Little Man

We are just in love with Chase and being parents is the greatest gift we've ever been given.
Feeling so grateful tonight.

He's not a newborn anymore

The other morning, I woke Chase up to a camera flash so that I could document him rolling over in his sleep. Poor little guy, who likes pictures first thing in the morning? Sorry little one, you're just too cute. I think he wanted to something like..."Really mom, why are you flashing that bright light in my face, I don't get it."
"So you're taking pictures of me, I see. I am pretty cute when I first wake up."
"Are we done yet?"
Then after his next nap he knew what was coming and started posing. What a ham!
Just the other day I looked at him and thought, "You're not a newborn any more. How did that happen?" He's a baby who loves to smile and WIGGLE and grab his toes and put everything in his mouth. He no longer likes to be swaddled and doesn't just lay there, he's so interactive. His little personality is forming every day. It was just shocking to me that we no longer have a newborn. It was a mommy moment.

My Honey's Birthday

I tried to make Jon's Birthday last as long as possible because I think that's how Birthday's should be and I think he deserved it. So to begin his Birthday weekend, he woke up to French Toast and then was off to have a massage, his very first one ever. I'm pretty sure he really enjoyed it. Then that evening, we got to go out on a date for dinner. Unfortunately because Chase was not feeling well, we got a call saying Chase had been screaming for 30 minutes and was past the point of no return. We quickly came home to a very red eyed baby who just wanted his mommy. Although we had to come home early, it was SO NICE to be out just the two of us.

On Jon's actual Birthday, we took Chase to Cabella's and met Uncle Nate there too. Cabella's is pretty cool, I have to admit, and it was fun to see Jon begin the indoctrinating of Chase to outdoor sports. Chase was really good and was all eyes to the animals and sights that were there. On the way home, we talked about going camping this summer. You can go camping with a baby right? Well not with the 2 man tent we have now, we'll have to upgrade a few things before we go. That night we hosted the Birthday dinner and it was a very fun night. Due to Chase being sick, the Cahoon's couldn't come which was a real bummer.

Nate and Kristen found out that they are having a...
We can't wait to meet their little Princess:)