Sunday, July 17, 2011

That was a lot of posting!

So it's getting super late and I'm tired, but I wanted to catch up as much as I could tonight, it's been so long since I posted. And I really wanted to take a picture of the baby bump... too bad I waited until I wasn't looking cute any more. Either way I needed to document how much this little guys is growing. Notice the difference from week 24?

My last appointment was July 5th and Dr. said baby will double in size this month, which means my tummy isn't getting any smaller:) I can't tell you how much I enjoy being pregnant right now, that may change, but I really love feeling the little guy move. It's so special to me. I like seeing my belly grow and knowing that I always have my little guy with me. It's really such a cool feeling. I'm wearing almost all maternity clothes and my appetite seems insatiable at times. It seems that the things I crave most frequently are Cherry 7up, Watermelon and Brownies. Maybe I was lucky enough to have all of them today. So wonderful.

I still have to post about our trip to Washington and Jon's newest accomplishments with building the crib, but for now... good night I'm headed to bed!!Week 26

A Baby Shower!

Jon's Aunt Liz and Uncle Cam threw a shower for Jon, I and Baby O. It was our first shower and oh, how fun it was! It made becoming parents feel much more real and made me feel very special. Liz is the sweetest lady ever and it was so sweet of her to do this for us.

Her daughter Bekah (shown in the last pic of the post), was very excited about this party! She welcomed all of the guests, sat them on the beautiful patio and showed them where to get their plate. She did an excelent job.

Lots of the Barnes family came (Thayne's side) which was so nice to get to know them better. And Lindsey Cambell and Emilie Cahoon came too. What a tender group. They gave us such thoughtful gifts. Thank you all for your kindness and generousity! A receiving blanket from Grandma Barnes. This blanket will be saved for baby's Blessing Day, it is beautiful!

Thayne and Grandma Barnes

Liz, Erin and Jordan

Lynn and the Wooton Girls: Megan, Shannon, Nicole

Lindsdey, Me, Emilie & Baby Sawyer

A carrying pack from Jon's favorite store... REI to keep us mobile when baby gets older... can't wait to use this!

Joe, Me, Bekah and Erin's daughter

The ending of a fun weekend

On Sunday evening, this tired group gathered for a BBQ at our house. Ruth, Craig's sister, and Jim, her husband, from California and Taysha, their daughter-in-law, who lives with her husband and Orem all joined us. It was so nice to get to know them better. What a fun group it was. Hopefully we can get to together more often than just for weddings! After dinner, Thayne and Craig headed to Farmington to spend a little time with Thayne's family and our house became sadly quiet after all of the festivities.

7.2.11 Nate & Kristen

Manti, Utah Temple

The Reception, Timpanogos Park, Orem, UT

As we were leaving the reception after the clean-up party, Jon got a call from Nate asking him if he could bring him something he needed for his honeymoon. That was the beginning of a few unexpected trips back and forth to SLC, before they left for their honeymoon the next morning. Funny stories to tell.

The Family Dinner

On July 1st the Orgills and the Ogdens all came together for a very fun evening to honor the marriage of Nate and Kristen. It was held at Magelby's The Grotto in Spanish Fork where yummy food was eatten, great stories were had and both old and new friends were gathered.The happy couple
The Orgill Family
Maybe Thayne and I are VERY happy to have another XX in the family, her grace and girliness are much appreciated and welcomed in this family of boys! I couldn't be happier that she is my sister-in-law now, I plan on many memories with her!

The beginning of a VERY busy month

We've known for a while that July would be crazy..... crazy fun!. It began with the arrival of Thayne and Craig to Utah for Nate and Kristen's wedding. They stayed with us through the wedding festivites, it was so fun to have them in our home. Of course their stay included a walk with Aspen and lots of catching up. It was a busy weekend and we would sure like to have them back when the schedule isn't so booked. You'll understand more as you look at the pictures.

Craig couldn't have been happier with his $1 ice cream cone from JCW's. The Orgil boys LOVE their ice cream.

Me: 24 Weeks, 4 days Pregnant