Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chase is 15 months


On Jan. 19 Chase turned 15 months!
He is quite the active little boy these days and seriously makes me so happy.
Here are a few highlights:
*He is eating with a fork and spoon a lot. He doesn't mind getting dirty, so by the end he usually is at it with his hands. If you remind him to "use your spoon," or "can you stick it?" he'll go back to using the utensil.
*He has started to get into cars and trucks. We live on the end unit and there is a dirt pile behind our house where trucks have again started going in and out, dumping their loads. When he hears the back up beeping sound, he points and says truck, then he runs to one of the windows. Seriously cute. He is also picking up on the train, he doesn't have a word for it yet but when he hears the whistle he points his finger and grunts.
*He loves to look out the window to look for daddy, Aspen or myself when I am unloading groceries or coming home. He gets so excited and waves and smiles and it is the cutest and warmest welcome ever.
*He loves to dance to the music on his Lightening McQueen car. He spins in a circle and stomps his feet and it's super funny.
*I love that he understands what I'm saying now. He looks at the fruit basket if I ask him he he wants an orange or avocado. He gets excited when I ask him if he wants his milk. He will go find his shoes if I ask him. I feel like his development has just multiplied recently and it is so fun to be apart of.
*He is beginning to be able to stack things and he loves to push over towers, probably more so than stacking.
*He loves wearing his new shoes and thinks they are really cool. They are the first ones with a real sole on the bottom.
*Words he is saying: socks, shoes, ball, mom, dad, truck.
*Favorite toys: Little Tikes car, Lightening McQueen push toy that he can now scoot on with his feet, Turkey baster and serving spoon.

Chase is the light of our life and we never thought being parents could be so fun. We love our growing boy.

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