Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Jon and I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present, I mean maybe he came a little early but he is the cutest bundle of joy. To be honest, I'm glad he came early (as a Christmas present) because he is even more enjoyable now then he was two months ago. Adjusting to parenthood is no easy task and now that Chase is smiling and cooing and we've figured out how to comfort him life is much easier.

This is a picture of Jon and Chase on Chritmas Eve. Yes, Jon had to work, I mean who else is going to break up those family fueds on Christmas Eve night? Chase went to bed with thoughts of sugar plums dancing in his head.

This was Christmas morning, Aspen is never very far from where Chase is... she loves him too:).
Who would have known a strainer could make a man so happy?
The man that HATES pulp in his OJ.
It was a quiet Christmas, but very enjoyable. Jon had to work, but took calls from home the whole day and didn't have to go out (which I was very happy about).
Thanks to skype we got to see and talk to both of our parents.
We hope you had a very Merry Christmas too!

Chase's Blessing

Daddy, Mommy and Chase

What a special occasion for Jon and I, blessing our first baby boy. We were so grateful for the love and support of our parents and families, it made it that much more special.
Chase has brought such joy into our lives in the two short months he's been with us. It seems hard to believe that he hasn't always been with us. He has such a sweet spirit and demeanor. Since becoming a mommy, I feel that I have better been able to understand the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus has for us. I would do anything for our little boy and love him more than I ever thought possible. How grateful Jon and I both are to be parents and to better understand the love that Heavenly Father has for his children.

Nannie and Grandpa Orgill
Nannie and Great Grandma and Grandpa Barnes
Grandaddy Stansbury
Grammy was able to come out earlier to they decided to take turns
(don't worry, she's asking for a jet for Christmas, to visit all of her grandkids)
Grammy made Chase's outfit, pretty special.
She embroidered his name on the left leg. It was precious.
Chase was so good the entire day! I was so worried about a blow out before or him crying during the blessing but neither happened. Infact, during the blessing, he had his eyes opened and was just looking up at his daddy. Isn't that so cute?! Not even a little squawk.

After the blessing we had a little open house to invite over those that came from out of town to visit and coo over Chase. We are blessed with such great family and friends.

This is Ray Robinson, he is the missionary that baptized my parents and blessed Hilary when she was a baby. He and his wife Bonnie are very sweet people. They drove about 2 hours to make it for the blessing. I have heard Ray Robinson's name since I was a little girl and it was an honor to have him stand in the circle to bless Chase.
This is Lynn and Jackie Ferrin, the couple that introduced my parents to the church. Such sweet people, very down to earth and kind. He and my dad were in the FBI together over 30 years ago. They too have always been held in very high regard in our family.
Sawyer, Emile & Jake Cahoon
If I had sent out Christmas cards this year, this would have been the picture to accompany the card. Please forgive me for not getting them out, please know we are grateful for you and your family. We hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

After the open house, we went to Nate and Kristen's house for a delicious dinner and then we were off to Temple Square to see the lights. Chase seriously was an angel! We bundled him up and then put him in the Bijorn and Jon kept him under his jacket. Poor guy, he had such a busy day and was so good.
Two years prior, Jon and I took a picture in the very same spot before we were even engaged...
a wedding and a baby later:).

It was a wonderful day and we all went to bed very happy!

Nannie and Grandpa Arrive!

It was quite the weekend for Chase as he got to meet both of his Grandpas for the first time. Craig also enjoyed cuddling and loving Chase.
Three generations of Orgill boys.
We had to do a little sharing of Chase but everyone was a good sport about it and got lots of snuggle time with him. Craig and Thayne came to stay with us after the blessing and we made fudge the Orgill family Christmas tradition it was divine!

Grandaddy Arrives!

My dad came in on Wed. Dec. 14th for Chase's blessing. It was such an honor to introduce him to his grandson and watch him hold and cuddle him while he was here.

Dad and I got a ton done while he was here, I don't know what I would have done without him. Jon was busy making Christmas presents in his shop and dad and I were busy in the kitchen and taking care of Chase. He did everything from change dirty diapers to fold laundry, what a guy huh?! I just loved having him here but it did make me very sad that we don't live closer to them, it was very hard to say goodbye.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We have had very little snow this year, very little. So when it was snowy when I woke up one morning, I bundled little Chase up and headed outside to play. We found our friends Caitlin and Brandon and puppy Jake outside too. Both Chase and Aspen had a blast.

By the time we walked home baby was asleep.
Isn't my little bear a cutie?
Sadly, it hasn't snowed since and we didn't get a white Christmas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 25 Days of Christmas

So my mom loves all of her grandchildren.... a lot and she loves making things for them. Keeping that in mind, you still won't believe what she did for Chase for Christmas. She made him an advent calendar. She knitted 25 bags, sewed the numbers on and then strung them on a line so that we could display it with our Christmas decorations. Chase has had a little gift to open every day and it has been so fun!!
This is Chase admiring his Advent Calendar, so excited about opening each one and of course not peaking ahead of the current day:).
We hung it on our stairs... isn't it adorable!?!
Day 6: A pair of gloves made by Grammy. He will probably be able to wear them next year too:).
A bib with a C on it. What a cute little face, huh?
Thanks so much for all the fun Grammy!

Nannie in Town

This is Thayne meeting her grandson for the first time. It has been so fun introducing Chase to our family for the first time. We are very excited to introduce him to our dad's this weekend for his blessing.

Thayne had a whirlwind two day trip in which she cuddled Chase and cuddled Chase and cuddled him some more.

We also found time to pick out our tree.

Thanks for coming Nannie! Come back and stay for longer!
Miss you, Love Baby Chase

6 Week Visit

This is the sweet lady who delivered Chase. I would highly recommend the Midwives of Central Utah Clinic in American Fork. We switched to them around 35 weeks after feeling like my OB was not going to support birthing naturally or the Hypnobirthing techniques that we had been practicing. The Midwives were such an answer to prayer and exactly what we were looking for. At each of our appointments, they spent a good deal of time answering our questions and talking through things. I spent more time with them in 6 appointments then I did with my OB in months. It was fun to show Chase off and relive the awesome birth experience.