Sunday, August 12, 2012

Then a visit from the Russells

And then the day we got back from Seattle, a visit from Heidi and her kids. I told you it's been super busy.
I had such a good time hosting Heidi in my own city. She had never seen our house and I really enjoyed all of them being here. We kept it pretty simple but had a great time. We spent a lot of time outside and at parks.
 Kloe loving on Aspen. Which was so funny to me because any time Chase gets too close to her she gets up and walks away and yet she was fine with this.
 We hiked the Y.
 This little girl was a trooper.
 Sister love.
 Lincoln was at sports camp during the day and joined us at night. What a good kid.
 Loved seeing Heidi snuggle my baby.
 After fighting with each other in the car on the way up they had a blast playing in the river. 
Made my heart happy.

 We celebrated Paige's Birthday with feather boas and pint crepe paper, every 7 year olds dream:).

Chase's first trip to Nannie & Grandpa's house

 We made the long trek to Seattle on July 19th, Chase's 9 month Birthday. I was a little apprehensive about being in the car with him for so long but we were very prepared for the ride and he did AWESOME!! I bought a few new toys and borrowed a dvd player. Oh and we entertained him every waking second. Let me tell you it was no easy task but whatever it takes to have a happy baby in the car for 15+ hours. You know who else was very good? Aspen! She made the trip with us too and she was a gem.

While we were in Seattle we did a lot of fun things...

We went to quite a few parks and even found one with a petting zoo
(Thayne and Craig live so many really awesome parks, )
Went to the Seattle Zoo
Chase met Uncle Cameron and Uncle Jeff
Jon and I went on a date to downtown Seattle
Went on a few walks and hikes
Aspen experienced swimming for the first time
We relaxed, read books and played the piano
Jon slept and got over a virus
Chase got Jon's virus the last few days and had a temp for the ride home. Not fun.

It was a great trip!

Florida Trip, June 21- Aug 10

I really enjoyed the time we got to spend in Florida. Jon was with us for the first week and I stayed almost two more weeks. I don't feel like the pictures do the memories justice. I also was so relaxed that I didn't take many pictures which I regret. While we were there, Chase started really crawling and pulling up on things. He had quite a few bumps and bruises which was so sad but I think he learned from them and is much more stable now.

All the things he loves to play with these days..,


 I got this balloon at a Baby Shower and it lasted THREE weeks. He loved playing with it. He got so excited about it. The picture above is a little silly, but I think it's an imitation of his mama when she gets excited. Haha.

Remote Control
Chase also loved the TV remote. He knows it correlates to the TV somehow as he looks at the tv when he plays with it, he thinks it's pretty funny.

The blinds

 These pictures were from back in June but Chase is still more interested in all the things around the house than he is in his toys. It's hard to keep him entertained and safe at the same time.
I do love seeing him so interested in experiencing so many new things.

Time to catch up!

So I don't know where the summer went but somehow I have yet to document it. Please forgive. 
We'll see how many posts I can do tonight.