Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting over his first cold

Chase survived his first cold this past weekend. On Friday, he started to get really stuffy and by Saturday night he had a 100.6 fever. I was on the phone with the pediatric nurse and I did everything they told me to. It was nerve wracking for him to get a fever and to be so congested. He was super fussy and just not himself. It made me so sad to see him so uncomfortable. I took him to the doctor on Monday and although he had all the signs of an ear infection, he was free from infection. The doctor told me what to do if things got worse and gave me some drops for his nose, which he hated, poor thing. Finally today he was back to his smiling cooing self with just a little stuffiness in his nose. It was a long five days and I'm excited to get out of the house tomorrow.

Notice in the first two pictures he is holding on to a little giraffe? The giraffe's name is Jeremy and I think he is Chase's favorite toy. Jeremy squeaks and is easy to hold on to and suck on, which Chase loves. Just the fact that he is opening his little fingers to then grasp on to something is a big deal. Babies have so much to learn and it is so fun observing all of Chase's new tricks, this being one of them. I am in awe of this little boy. Tonight he really laughed and it was so cute! We love him so much, it's hard to even describe.

Chase and Addie

This is Addie Jensen, she was born one day before Chase. I was one of four Police wives that was pregnant and due at the same time and all four husbands (Provo Police Officers) are good friends and at the time were on the same shift. What are the odds, huh? In fact, while we were in the hospital, hours after I had delivered, we got a vm from Devon, Addie's dad saying we could come visit them and meet Addie. Jon's response was, sorry, we just had our baby.

This picture is evidence that when Chase is tired, he's going to sleep, no matter where he is. We hope they will be the best of friends.

Kansas City, January 4-11

Sometime in December, I picked up my phone and saw that I had 6 missed calls from my mom. I quickly called her back worried that something was wrong. She informed me that she bought me a plane ticket for Chase and I to go to Kansas City to visit Heidi! What awesome news!!

Chase and I courageously headed to Salt Lake airport very early on Wednesday, January 4th to catch our flight. I was a little apprehensive about traveling alone with Chase but I think I (and everyone else I told) prayed us there. It was a really long day, not arriving in KS until after 7:pm but Chase was an ANGEL. I also sat next to some very nice people and the Stewardesses were also very kind.

Heidi, Lincoln, Paige and Kloe were at the airport to meet Chase for the very first time, it was so fun to see family love on Chase. I'm pretty sure Paige fell in love with him from the beginning because she held him just as much as she could and was my little helper while I was there. I actually didn't take any pictures, I brought our video camera to document it, so these pictures are from my mom (Thanks mom!).

My mom and Austin flew in later that night and Hilary flew in on Sunday evening. It was a great reunion. While we were there we did lots of fun things, it was so nice to have so many hands to help, it made getting out of the house so much easier. I really didn't care what we did though, it was just nice to all be together. It was awesome to see Heidi and Matt's new home, it is gorgeous and so uniquely decorated, sorry I don't have any pictures to show of that. Enjoy a few shots from the fun times...

I miss ya'll! Thanks for all the fun!