Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting to know Chase

"Mom, I can feed myself, just give me the spoon."
 "See, I get it all in."
 "Oh I can finger paint too, didn't ya know?"
"I'm pretty good, huh? Don't worry, I'll paint ya another one at breakfast and you can take a picture of that one too."

Chase is seriously at SUCH A FUN stage right now. He loves to smile and giggle and it makes me laugh so hard. He loves to play peek a boo and find whatever is being covered up. Jon was playing with him after his bath the other night, covering up his face with his hooded towel saying, "Where's Chase?" Chase figured out how to pull the towel up and see himself in the mirror. He' really good at it now.  He is very motivated at army crawling when there are shoes, bags, Aspen's toys, trash cans, water bottles and feet on the ground. Go figure. He is loving eating, as you can see. I feed him baby food three times a day now. We've added green beans, avocados and prunes to the mix. He's also sucked on watermelon. He's a very good eater. He is our happy little boy.

Another first.... The Pool!

So maybe I was more excited about going to the pool with Chase then he was. It wasn't even June yet, so maybe I was jumping the gun but he didn't cry, he also didn't giggle with delight. Don't worry, he'll get there. I think he was a little hungry and tired by the time we got to the pool because once we were home again he ate and crashed. We only stayed about 45 minutes. Jon and I really enjoyed getting a little sun and being together just chillaxin. We will get to the pool again soon, maybe even tomorrow.

Two Year Anniversary

We celebrated our Anniversary on May 23rd because Jon worked the 22nd. It was a really nice day. We hiked Horse Tail Falls. This is the second time we've hiked it and this time we got to the top. Chase was such a good sport. He's really good in the backpack and usually falls asleep by the end. He's such a cutie. Aspen also loved it and especially enjoyed the water. When we started the hike it was really cloudy but once we started hiking it got really sunny and poor little Chase got a little pink on his cheeks, I felt really bad about that. I only brought a beenie for him and although it wasn't really cold I kept it on him to keep his head from burning. Case in point, you can never bring too much stuff for a baby. Seriously.

We got home and had planned on taking Chase to go to Brick Oven for a celebratory dinner. He was super tired from such a long day and we decided to do take out. Once we were home and he was in bed we got to really enjoy dinner. All and all it was a very nice break from the normal routine.

Love my Honey. He loves me. We're a happy family.