Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow and Packages

Grammy & Grandaddy did the 25 days of Christmas for Chase and he really got into it. He knew that every morning he got to open a present from the garland of stockings and he got really good at opening presents. I think that's why Christmas morning was so fun for him, he had so much practice opening presents throughout the season.
 "Okay, can I open it yet??"
We got quite a bit of snow before Christmas and it wasn't super cold, so it made it really fun to play in. The first day we played in it I covered Chase's hands and feet and he couldn't walk or play in it. He also got knocked by Aspen and face planted in the snow. Round #1 didn't go so well.

 Chase loved playing in the boxes that family sent with packages. He also loves milk jugs and any other kind of boxes. He appreciates the little things in life:).

 I think it was confusing for him to be allowed to open some packages and not others. It was hard keeping the presents under the tree wrapped.
 Playing in the snow round #2 went much better. It was a little warmer and I didn't bundle him as much. Look at that smile. He really enjoyed playing with the snow. It was super cute.
 Even daddy came out to play with us.

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