Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Saturday, Jon and I got festive and died eggs, gotta love hard boiled eggs and die. Good thing eggs are pretty resilient... I turned the water on to boil and then went upstairs to go check something on the computer, I got distracted (that never happens) and TOTALLY forgot about the eggs. Oops. I have no idea how long the boiled for but they turned out just fine (thank goodness). I also mixed, chilled, rolled, cut out, baked and iced sugar cookies. It was quite the process but they turned out so darn cute. Of course Jon's question was, "Are you keeping any of those." Ha ha, he just loves when I give away sweet treats. I told him I would save him a few and maybe some ended up in this Easter Basket. I made them for the Young Women in my ward and they loved them.

Here's a cute Easter story. I talked to my 8 year old nephew on Saturday who was getting ready to go to Grammy & Grand Daddy's house for Easter (he lives in NC and my parents live in FL). He says, "Mom told me that she let the Easter Bunny know where we will be for Easter. She said she either called him or wrote him a letter. (Pause) But I'm not sure if she's lieing." Oh the faith of a child, so cute!! My response, "I don't think the Easter Bunny takes phone calls but I'm sure she sent him a letter." He seemed to be satisfied with my answer. Then I heard that this morning, he woke up at 5:30AM to find his basket!! I love the excitement of children.

Church was great today, I felt very filled and more dedicated to learn more about the Savior. I am so grateful for His Sacrifice and for the promises of His gospel. Jon had to work today and that was hard, I can't wait until he has Sundays off. I went over to a friend's house who I work with in Young Women's for dinner. She and her family made me feel very welcome, it was a fun gathering with good food and fun Easter festivities. Sure am grateful for good friends!! Then I raced home and whipped up and awesome Easter Dinner for Jon. I talked to family and now ready to hit the sack.

I hope you had a wonderful and filling Easter weekend too!

I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend!

The week to week pictures...

Week 12, 2 days
Week 13, 4 days

I've decided to track this belly weekly,
so be ready for bigger posts to come!
Just this week I thought while looking at my belly,
"Oh, that's starting to stick out."
I have felt so much better though, no more nausea really,
just real tired every once in a while.
I finally went to the gym for the first time in 2 months and
it felt so good to move and be active!
I want to stay healthy and be ready for the labor that will come.

Pictures of my Favorite Lady

So I kept noticing that my post about my mom had very few pictures of her... how rude. I realized that I used the pictures from her camera and didn't have any of her really. I hope these give you more details about how beautiful this lady is, they are from when she came to visit.

Enjoying her GF sandwich, yum!
At Gardner Village, taking a picture of me.
Finding great deals at the cute little shops.
Thanks again for coming mom!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Boys in all their brotherly glory!!
Thanks to Kristen, we had very fun decor.
The preparation: I was pregnant at this point and the boys requested Salmon.
Let me just tell you it was a true act of love to cook that
NASTY smelling fish at our house.
Can any other pregos understand my PAIN??
Other than Salmon, we had broccoli and wild rice.
It was a delicious meal for most everyone.
Partyin' it up!
The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. They will be sealed for time and all eternity on July 2,
can't wait to have this cute girl as my sister-in-law!!
The cake: Jon requested a fun fetti cake, which I made from a box
(don't tell my mom!).
There is a reason for this much excitement..... I bought candles that had different color flames. You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but it was really cool and they were quite fascinating to me. Somebody has got to get crazy around here:)
What do you think they wished for??
Mom and Dad Orgill sent the boys gifts that they got to open together.
Wish you could have been here, we missed you!
Do you see that face? It's Jon feeling awkward!! That's why I posted it:)
Isn't Aspen getting big?? Early in the night, she popped one of the balloons and i
t scared the bageebers out of her (yes, that is a word). For some reason,
she blamed Jon for it and she avoided him for most of the night.
Poor Jon huh, I felt bad.
Finally, by the end of the night she was okay again.

This 31st year will bring lots of changes to theses boys.... a bride, a baby and lots more blessings. We'll keep you updated on all the great happenings.

Because of Him, Sunday will come

I'm grateful for this Easter season to reflect more upon the Savior and His mortal ministry. I can't imagine the weight on Christ's shoulders as he rode into Jerusalem for Passover knowing what would lie ahead in the next week. Pres. Dieder F. Uchdorf spoke of this very week,

"It is fitting that during the week from Palm Sunday to Easter morning we turn our thoughts to Jesus Christ, the source of light, life, and love. The multitudes in Jerusalem may have seen Him as a great king who would give them freedom from political oppression. But in reality He gave much more than that. He gave us His gospel, a pearl beyond price, the grand key of knowledge that, once understood and applied, unlocks a life of happiness, peace, and fulfillment."

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life. It gives me reason to live each day. I feel His peace and love, I am happy because His truth lets me free.

I hope and pray that we may each reflect on our own lives for
the blessings we have because of the life that He lived and gave.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Mom, The Life Saver

Now that you know I'm pregnant, I can tell you about when my mom came to visit. She came around week 8 of the pregnancy, when I was feeling horrible. Let me tell you this lady is a Saint and I love her so much. While she was with us she cooked, she did the dishes, she took Aspen out and on MANY walks, she woke up with Aspen early so that I could sleep and served me every minute she was here. I can't thank you enough mom, you are so great!!!

I took a few days off while she was here and we did a few fun things but really my mom was just a sport!! We went to Gardner village, to a Gluten Free Bakery and made flowers at the house. She is good at everything she does.

This is the picture she took of me as evidence that I wasn't showing, still not I don't think.

Gardner VillageAspen sure loves her Grammy. She whined an entire day after she left.
Aspen 8 months, too cute for her own good.

Mom also got to go to my first Dr.'s Appt which I think made her feel much more at ease. Dr. Nance seems great and so does his nurse and staff. They were so nice to the both of us!! I go back tomorrow for my 2nd appt!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The reason for not posting for the last 2 months...

Here's a little something to know about Holly (you might already know this) I have the hardest time keeping a secret about something really exciting. Know that I can be very confidential but when it comes to Christmas surprises or Birthday surprises I literally have to tape my mouth shut in order to not say anything. This is why I have not posted for 2 months...
Because the most exciting thing in our life right now we were keeping quiet,
but now I'm past the three month mark and everyone can know...
Jon and I are EXPECTING!!!
We found out on February 15, the day we went out for Valentine's Day.
Here's the short hand story:

I came home from work and Jon was upstairs getting ready for our Valentine's date. I took a pregnancy test downstairs and it was positive. I totally wanted to scream!! I set up the table so that the instructions for the pregnancy test and the test were visible. I circled what it looked like if it was positive on the instructions so Jon would have no questions. I told him I had a surprise for him and I made him close his eyes until he got to the table. He opened his eyes and this is what he saw...

This is Jon trying to figure it out. Haha, his first response was, "Is this real?" When I told him it was he picked me up and kissed me and yelled that we were going to be parents!!
He was very excited.

I had a few indicators prior to this positive pregnancy test that I really was pregnant,
it was nice to know I wasn't feeling crazy without a reason.

The happy "Parents to Be"

To give you a little update on the pregnancy since then...
Week 6 to week 11(ish) were pretty rocky. I was really nauseous and sick feeling. Because I've never been pregnant it just seemed like I had the flu and not that a little baby was growing inside of me. I didn't cook much for those 6 weeks or eat meat really or enjoy any smells in our house. I did eat a lot of pasta and cheese, lie on the couch after work each night and bring crackers wherever I went. During week 8 we had an early ultra sound where got to see our little alien and here the heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat made me cry, it became more real to me then which was so tender and exciting.

This week I started to feel MUCH better!! I've been making dinner, feeling less nauseous everyday and with greater energy.

Know that I'll be blogging again now that the big news is out.
I hope all of you are well!