Sunday, May 29, 2011

18 weeks 5 days

I don't feel like this picture shows much of a difference from last week, even though I feel much bigger. Sometimes depending on what I wear I feel much more pregnant than other times. I'm still wearing my own clothes and I use the belly band with some pants, which is pretty ingenious. I've now separated my closet into what fits and what doesn't.

Baby started the ossification process last week and this week baby can start really hearing well what's going on outside of the womb. I'm pretty sure he or she will be able to imitate my laugh very well, embarrassing, I know.

Less than a week and a half till we know if Baby Orgill is a Prince or a Princess.
Can't wait!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Year Anniversary

By pure miracle, we got to stay at the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Heber for our FIRST Anniversary. We actually stayed there the second night of being married, so it was very fun to go back. The first time we went, didn't get there until late, so were unable to enjoy the tranquility of the property. This time we got there in the early evening and enjoyed a picnic by the pond, a nap in the sunshine and a few strolls around the property. Jon's good eyes spotted a few deer both that evening and the next morning, he's so good at that. Our short stay was SO relaxing and so needed. It was so nice to have time for just us, it was heavenly honestly! No phone calls, no taking out puppy, no fixing meals, no obligations.... just time to be together. It was wonderful!

He is so handsome!Just enjoying the scenery.
New tradition, take a picture every year with the number of fingers up of how long we've been married (inspired by a friend in our ward). We wanted to take it with Aspen (even though I looked much cuter the day before), so when Jon was home for dinner (he had to work) we set it up, but then Aspen would have nothing to do with it. I think she thinks that when both of us are trying to get her to come something bad is going to happen like trimming her nails or giving her a bath, both of which she hates.

What an awesome first year we've had. I love Jon with all my heart and am so very grateful for him. I love being married to him. I didn't know a year ago I could love him as much as I do now. To one year and eternity to go!!

I love you Honey.

Jon couldn't be any happier

Jon now has a wife [an awesome one at that], a house, a dog, a wood shop and now a BBQ. Could his life get any better? I think not. We went to Home Depot and made the purchase late one evening last week. Because Jon gave up his truck [okay, so he can't have everything] we had to take it out of the box to fit it in our Civic, which was pretty comical to watch. Once we got it home, Jon stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to assemble it. When I came downstairs, the BBQ was in the middle of the living room in all it's manly glory. The next evening we had a wonderful aroma of Burgers cooking on the grill floating in the screen of our porch. Summer has now officially begin. It was so delicious smelling. They were grilled to perfection. If you can't see in the pictures, my man has a perma grin on, it was very cute!

We will now be having BBQs with friends. So get your best side dishes together and we'll bring the meat! Can't wait.

Week 17 and 5 days

The belly is showing these days and people are noticing.
When I went to Young Women's this week a girl from Russia walks up to me, puts her hands on belly and says in a think Russian accent, "What is this?"
I don't think she understood when I told her a while ago I was pregnant, but now with the baby bump she got it. She broke out in laughs and giggles and gave me a big hug, it made my day.

I'm getting so excited to find out what we're having, I can't wait!!
I'm waiting to feel a kick or wiggle, unfortunately I think I've only felt gas up to this point. It's a norm for a pregnant lady. If you want to know my theory about that, ask me in person:).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 16 and 4 days

This week we went to the doctor and everything is great. Baby's heartbeat was racing, as usual, in comparison to mine. Dr. Nance showed us the "gummy" babies, the little models that replicate the baby at different weeks. He showed us the 15 and 20 week baby. I was shocked at how big baby is now, almost the length of my hand and how much baby will grow in the next month! It should more than double in size. It is so baffling to me that my body can grow that inside, it's so amazing! We scheduled our 20 week ultrasound on June 8th!! Hopefully, we will be finding out if baby is a girl or boy. We can't wait!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To Honor Mothers

My Mom, Vicki Stansbury
My Mother-In-Law, Thayne Orgill
My Sister: Heidi Russell
My Sister: Hilary Holtzee

These are the wonderful mothers in my family. They each are strong women, kind and compassionate, and great examples to me as to what a mother should be. I love each of them dearly and am so grateful for the sacrifices they make daily for their children. I pray that I too may be a nurturer like they. Thank you sweet ladies, I love you!

Finally Warm Weather

We finally got some warm weather and it was heaven like! On Thursday, Jon and I took Aspen up the canyon and played at a park and on Friday we went with Nate and Kristen on a hike up Rock Canyon. It was so delicious to be outside!! It felt sooooo good!! Aspen also loved it. She loves the water and when we got to a big enough opening in the stream we let her play and she is like a wild boar, she goes crazy.
Less than 2 months until this cute couple ties the knot, we're so excited for them!!

The other reason why this outing was so great is because Jon now has Fridays off which is AWESOME! When we were on our way home that night, I told him that the hike tonight is what I always hoped we could do as a couple and it's finally happening. We had a very busy first year and we're excited to get out more this summer and then do it with a baby next year!!

Week 15

In my prego glory.

Jon's #3 Best Friend

A couple months ago, Jon and I were talking about our future and what we wanted for each other. I told him I hoped he always had a truck because I know how he loves his truck. After that he said, I've actually been thinking about that... and I think we should sell the truck. Those were words I never expected to hear. I actually thought it was a really good idea due to our family situation and the upcoming baby. I mean, can you imagine getting a car seat into the Beast, I would need a step stool. Either way, we talked about it and a month later it was up on KSL.

The Beast is or was Jon's #3 Best Friend. I, of course, am #1, Aspen is #2 Best Friend and the Beast was #3. I got a text while I was at work on Wednesday from Jon that said, "I think I might cry. The Beast has been a true friend, always there when he was needed. He'll be missed." My eyes got misty when I got that text, I couldn't believe the truck was no longer going to ours. I told him to take a picture before the sale was final, but Jon said he wanted to remember the good times. So sad!!

The Beast holds so many memories in my heart.
Dearest Beast, you shall be greatly missed.

Jon's grievance only lasted a bit, as he has GREATLY enjoyed working on his wood. This week he almost completed the workbench and it is really awesome. More pictures to come of that...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yellow is the new accent color

The table is actually Jon's first project at our house. Jon's parents gave us this table, for which we were so grateful. I got the bright idea of painting it off white out of magazine I was reading. Jon started working on it right around the 8th week of pregnancy, when I was feeling horrible so I didn't actually help much. I felt really bad about it, but I was barely eating at that point. He did such a great job on it, I love the color. It was not an easy task. Hopefully the next paint job he does we will be able to invest in a sprayer, because it was just a real pain with brushes.

Just this weekend, I got this beautiful vase and flowers. Tai Pan is the best!! With the inspiration of the vase, yellow is the accent color in our living and dining room. It seems to make things look more lively and it makes me very happy. I'm hoping to add a yellow pillow to the couch too.

On Saturday, we woke up to 3+ inches of snow. Apparently we are going to have winter all year long. Awesome, huh? Aspen on the other hand was very happy about the snow! She loves to eat it, play in it and lose her ball in it.

This tree just made me think of the song "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". Seriously thought, doesn't it look like popcorn. Supposedly it's supposed to get warmer this week, I'll believe it when I feel it.

Have a good week everyone!

The Manly Man Store

On Tuesday of this last week, we went to Home Depot to get supplies for Jon's work bench and to look at an indoor plant for the living room. Jon is creating a workshop to make furniture. He couldn't be more excited! It's a fulfillment of a dream for him which is very exciting. Thanks to our tax returns he is getting a shop. While at Home Depot, I sent a text to the girls in my family about what we were doing and Hilary said that Austin calls it the "Manly Man Store" and that she didn't think mommies should have to endure the store (I couldn't agree more!). I have to admit I suggested going so it was my own dang fault:). We spent 2 hours (or what seemed like 5!) getting supplies and I was hungry and grouchy (surprise) by the end that I didn't even want to look at house plants.

Jon has spent the rest of his days off working on the set up of tools. He just needs to build the work bench. Selfishly, I hope it happens quickly because I'm excited for him to start the crib for our baby!

The story of the pictures: Jon came to me and said... I have pictures for you to blog about. So cute huh! I guess he really does like our blog. So this post is solely dedicated to the testosterone in our house!! After you look at these pictures it's going to make you want to beat your chest and grow facial hair (don't tell me I didn't warn you). Also, because it is so manly, no smiling was allowed when the pictures were taken.

Just call him Tim the Tool Man
The assembly
Too many instructions to read, I would have stopped before beginning. Good things he is patient!

Isn't it a beauty!

Good Job Honey!! Can't wait to see all of your projects, I love you!!

Note: Jon made up for Home Depot trip by taking me on a date on Friday night, which was so great! Clean shaven, good smellin and mighty handsome looking. I was very happy. It made the Home Depot trip totally worth it.

14 Weeks

Wk. 14, 3 days

This week I went to the gym for the first time in months. I went to 2 Zumba classes and it felt great! And I've been on a few walks with Aspen. I have to attribute this inspiration to my friend Lindsey who is now 39 weeks pregnant and has worked out her entire pregnancy, she is a rockstar! I seriously have felt so much better since being more active. I'm back to loving fruits and vegetables again which also makes me feel great. People that know I'm pregnant have started making comments like, "Oh, you're starting to show," which is fun. I think the downside of the week has been I've been very emotional, which is draining. Hopefully this week I'll be more light hearted:)