Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our trip to California

This trip took place back in July but I really wanted to document it... so please forgive how late it is being posted. One of the reasons my parents came out back in July was because of my cousin Travis' wedding. We drove from Utah to Lodi, California the last weekend of July 2011. Here is the trip in pictures...

In N Out, Mom and Dad's first experience.
Downtown Lodi, a very cute place.

The beginning of the wedding festivities.... The Rehearsal Dinner
Aunt Kathy & my mom
Hilary & Uncle Reiber
Uncle Dougie, Travis & dad
The cousins (minus Hilary)

The wedding....
It was a beautiful out door weeding with lots of cute details.
They made everyone attending feel very special.
Lacy as a bridesmaid
The bride

The Groom
The "I do"
The siblings together again
The girl cousins
Each person had their own mug to keep with them for the evening
Lots of cute signs and beautiful colors
A photo booth
The dinner after the wedding
The breakfast the next morning held outside by a beautiful vineyard.

A few great laughs before we parted ways.
It was so great to see family I hadn't seen in over 10 years, it was so good to reconnect and over such a joyous occasion. The one person we really missed was Heidi and that's why I posted these pictures, hope you enjoy them.

A Baby Shower

First, I must begin by saying we have an AWESOME ward and I feel very grateful to be associated with such quality people. My friend that I work with in Young Women's, Angie Gordon and my Visiting Teacher, Allie Chambers along with some other ladies threw this wonderful shower to celebrate the coming of Baby Chase. The invitation was very cute all done up in the Western Theme. If you can see the rope in the first picture, you can see how the theme continued. There were chaps, boots and cowboy hats attached, it was adorable. More than 20 women dropped and showered baby and I with awesome gifts. I was humbled by their kindness.

A few pictures of some of the gifts...
a diaper cake, cowboy style
Decorations for the nursery.
Adorable outfit and homemade blanket.
Angie and Allie, you are the best! Thank you so much for making Chase and I feel so special!


Week 34 and 3 days

My Birthday Weekend

Let me begin by saying... I love my Birthday, always have, always will. And I loved that it carried out over an entire weekend. I was a little sad at first because Jon had to work on my Birthday but then that turned out better than I thought too, just keep reading.

I ended up taking Friday off before Labor day as my "Labor day" so that we could have a day to spend together. That was one of the funnest days we've had in a while because we were together the entire day....which never happens unless one of us takes the day off. It was divine. We got up and went for a little hike around Big Springs. We kept Aspen on the leash for a bit and then let her off and she was SO GOOD! This is really what we've always wanted to do with her. She played in the water (which you can see a video of at the end of this post), ran through the brush and came back to us every time we called her, it was so great! Then we got home and bathed her outside (why we waited until the end of the summer to start doing it outside was our mistake because it was so much easier than the tub). Then we went to the pool, worked on cutting out the closet organizer (see previous post) and got ready to go out to dinner. I love getting dressed up and going out to dinner... Jon even put on cologne (I was in heaven). Birthday dinner was at Outback where we had a great waitress who gave us free desert because she liked us and then we came home and watched a movie. My life was complete that night.

Sunday (my actual Birthday) I took Aspen out in the morning and found my car filled with balloons, decorations and presents! I thought Jon had done it, but when I opened the door and read the note it was from Kristen and Nate! SO SWEET!!
The bag was filled with Gluten Free goodness and Cherry 7-Up!! I could not have been more excited. They came down from Lehi before church and did it, wasn't that so sweet. It was the best start of my day.
Jon got me a GF cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy and spoiled me with two really awesome presents. He is a very good gift giver, he surprises me with things that I wouldn't buy myself but really want. He's the best:)
Don't you love the decorations?
This was my excitement about my very own pink ipod!! I've never had my own and I was very excited. The paper are the shipping details, telling me it was coming. I absolutely love it!
This was the sweet package from Thayne and Craig, you guys are the best! Thank you!
On Sunday, I had planned on going to Emilie and Jake Cahoon's house for dinner, which was very sweet of them. Right before I was about to leave, Jon came home from work and said, "I'm home." I replied, "For good?" and he said, "yep!"
I couldn't believe it, his Sergeant let him off early because he told him it was my Birthday!! I was soooooo happy! So we went together to Jake and Emilie's for dinner where Kristen and Nate were too. It was such a fun evening, I wish I had taken a picture of the three couples together. It was a perfect day!

When I got to work on Monday morning, my sweet girls from work had this on my office door.
Another very fun surprise.

It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Closet Organizer

We keep getting these great ideas as to what we can do to Chase's room. The newest idea was a closet organizer. He has quite a big closet in his room but not very conducive to little clothes or storing lots of things. Jon and I were talking about this and he decides a closet organizer would be the answer to our problem. So he comes us with the plans and we head to Home Depot, Jon's home away from home. I am just baffled out how quickly Jon can make things, it is mind boggling. This project took about two full days. Here are the pics from the beginning to the finished project.

The Master Creator

The finished project.
Isn't it awesome! My husband is the BOMB!
It's exactly what I wanted and all handmade by Jon.
Just amazing.
PS. This baby is really coming, crazy huh? We're really going to be parents....
We're so excited!!

Week 32

Week 32 and 5 days
This was after our awesome day off together and going to dinner at Outback for my Birthday.
I'll post more about the day later.