Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miracles have not ceased to exsist

 This is how the week began... in Chase's new high chair! We went to get this not long after his Immunizations on Tuesday. He handled the shots like a champ with just a few tears. On Wedneday afternoon, I noticed what seemed to be a few bug bites on his leg. That was perplexing though because we hadn't been outside but I figured they would just go away soon. Then I went on a run and left Chase with Jon and within 45 minutes his face looked like it was getting blotchy and red. By the time I put him down for a nap there were more bumps and it looked like hives were forming. I called the doctor after he went down and they said it was too hard to tell over the phone what it might be so I should just go ahead and bring him in. We got the last appointment of the day and the doctor said he was having an allergic reaction to something he either ate or touched. She said it was unlikely it was from the immunizations because he had already had two sets of them before this with no reaction. She told me to give him one does of Claritin once a day until the hives were gone. Doctor said it would last for 2-5 days. She said if it begins to affect his breathing or he begins coughing or has a significant fever or begins to throw up, to bring him in again. It was quite worrisome to me because I had no idea what he could have reacted to that he had not been introduced to in the last seven months. The next 4 pictures are from that evening after we still thought it was an allergic reaction.

 He didn't sleep very well that night and by Thursday morning the hives had gotten significantly worse, his eyes were puffy and all through the day the hives seemed to get more red and more puffy. By midmorning, it seemed like his hands were losing color and that bruising was coming up. I called the doctor again and she said she wasn't surprised it had gotten worse after he had slept because of how warm he was while sleeping but to give the medicine 24 hours to really kick in. I'm thinking, "I have to sit here and watch my baby suffer without being able to do anything for him?" I felt like it was torture. That morning he didn't take a very good nap so for his afternoon nap I held him as I rocked him and he slept for over an hour. I conked out for a few minutes too as I was very tired also. He was hot to the touch due to the hives but I felt that during hid nap he got much hotter. He was also very restless and was trying to scratch his skin. Once he woke up, his temperature was 100.2. I again called the doctor and asked if I could give him tylenol in conjunction with the Claritin which was fine and asked her about the discoloration which was also getting worse. I then got one of the last appointments for the day and brought him in a little before 5pm. As I was in the weighting room the doctor came to look at him and said that this was more than hives but some uncommon virus that causes hives. Once finally in the room, she showed Jon and I pictures of what the virus had caused in other patients and of course the worse case scenario which could cause hospitalization (I hate when they tell you worse case scenario even though I realize it's necessary). She explained that the bruising was part of the virus that was more prevalent around his joints. The virus was supposed to last anywhere from 1-3 weeks, which I thought was agony. Poor little guy was pretty upset at the doctors office, I think he was tired of being poked and prodded seeing that was his third time at the doctors office in the 3 days. So we went home with the instructions to keep him on tylenol every 4-6 hours and Claritin still just once a day. He woke up twice that night, which I was happy about because I wanted him to get as many fluids as possible and to check his fever. He also had a very runny nose, which made it hard for him to suck. The next 4 pictures are of that night.

I didn't take any pictures when the worst peaked, there was very little white anywhere on his body at one point, it even creeped into his hair. Then, finally the medicine started working and he began to get better. By Saturday morning his temperature was gone and his hives were half gone. Seriously such a blessing. 

Another part of the story that made it more stressful to me is that I was supposed to work all day Friday and Saturday. It would have been fine if he weren't sick because Jon was off Friday and didn't work until 3pm on Saturday and then a friend was going to watch him. Chase doesn't do as well with a bottle as he does nursing and I just wanted him to be comfortable. Although it wasn't the best thing for work, I came in late on Friday and left early on Saturday and it was fine in the end.

These were picture of him Saturday afternoon. By today, only one hive remained. Also, he hasn't totally figured out how to crawl but he is up on all fours (as you can see in the picture). I think he is figuring out what his knees are supposed to do but not his hands. He also has begun to say dada which Jon is thrilled about.

I believe that prayer healed him. I sent out a few mass texts once we new what it was and asked friends and family to pray for him. His name was put on prayer rolls at 3 different temples. To me this shows that Heavenly Father is aware of all of his children and I am very grateful for his tender mercies. I realize that not all sicknesses are to be healed this quickly nor that more trials won't come, I am just very grateful Chase only had to suffer a few days. I love Heavenly Father and am grateful for the love that he showed to our sweet son and the lesson he taught to a young mother.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Real Mother's Day

The Events of the Day:
First, I have a good hubby, he is very sweet to me. Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and he got me flowers for our front porch. I love flowers, they make our porch feel more homey. And Chase loves being outside, so I will see them often. 

Chase has started to say mama recently, but it wasn't until today that he said it a lot. He said it when we were headed into church and then again when it was really quiet in church. Personally, I was so happy he said it. And I'm sure the other moms thought it was the cutest little interruption. Then while Jon was teaching our Sunday school clase, I walked Chase outside  and he fell asleep in my arms. I love it when he falls asleep on me, it's so precious. The nap was just long enough for him to wake up before the third hour (perfect timing Chase) and I handed him off to Jon and I enjoyed the third our without a baby (first time ever). The lesson was great and I scored a huge Symphony Bar on my way out for being a mommy. Awesome.

After church today, Jon made me pancakes and scrambled eggs for lunch (my favorite) and gave me the book The Hunger Games and a card from he and Chase. Sweet, huh? Yeah, he loves me:). Then while Chase was napping I painted my fingernails, which I haven't done in maybe over a year. It was delightful. I have snacked on rice crispy treats all day and maybe I made them yesterday and they are almost all gone. Don't judge me. When Chase got up from his nap, I took him on a walk around the Provo Temple. It was the best day ever.

My Thoughts and Feelings:
Motherhood is something you can never understand until you experience it for yourself. I've only been a mom for about 7 months so I certainly haven't experienced it all, but my life will never be the same. From the moment I held Chase for the first time, my life was forever changed. I loved him so much from that very first moment. He was and still is so precious and pure. He is a piece of heaven and I felt so close to God in that moment. Without even being able to talk, he makes me want to be better, more holy, more clean, more dedicated and more God like. I think the reason we (women) are given the opportunity to be mothers is so that we can understand just how much God really does love all of his children. It's hard to believe God has given mothers this errand to raise his children and prepare them to return back to his presence. The task is lofty and yet very intimate. We don't receive daily emails acknowledging the completion of the tasks at hand or outlines of what we should be doing next. Somehow the answers just come, whether it's through learning from others or our own spirit guiding us, we are lead to know or figure out what is best. It's really neat how you just seem to know sometimes. I think that's when I feel closest to God, when answers just come.

I feel so grateful. Grateful to Heavenly Father who has given me this errand, grateful that Chase is our baby, grateful that I'm able to stay home with him, grateful that I have a husband that supports me and loves the journey, grateful for the inspiration I receive to know what to do, grateful that I love it and grateful that I'm part of Heavenly Father's plan.

Grandpa came to visit

Grandpa came to visit us, I use "us" loosely. He came to visit Chase, as he should. Grandkids come first these days which makes it oh so fun! Craig was on his way back from Colorado finishing up things with his dad's passing. We were so excited to have him here, even if it was just for a day. We decided to take a hike up to Stewart Falls and it was a beautiful day to do so. The weather was beautiful and the company even better. Chase was a trooper, poor guy, he got pretty cold again. We need to invest in some gender nuetral snow suits in baby sizes so we can have them for all our kids. And so that we can keep be prepared no mater what weather comes our way. Chase stayed awake for most of it and was happy until he got tired, he conked out on the way back to the car. The other trooper was Kristen who is 6 1/2 months pregnant! We all had a great time, including Aspen. It was so nice to be in the mountains and clear air. I love hiking because it promotes fun conversation, you're outside and being active. A win win situation. These beautiful pictures are a product of Nate and his nice camera, awesome job, and thanks so much for sharing! 
 Grandpa, come back again real soon. I miss you. Love, Chase

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Figuring out feeding

When I first started Chase on solids he didn't seem to know what to think of it. After the first week, he really picked up on the whole eating thing and seemed to really enjoy it. Then by the end of the second week he didn't want anything to do with eating. Each time I fed him, I put him in the Bumbo and he would arch his back, fuss and try to get out. Well, I eliminated the Bumbo and he is back to loving food. He reaches for it with mouth wide open wanting more, like a baby bird. I also got him a little ring thing that has a mesh pocket to put fruit in. He sucks on bananas and loves it. This week, I'm going to focus on stocking my freezer full of baby food. So far, I've made it all and I hope to continue. It's not hard to do, way less expensive, fresh and healthy. I can't delay this process because Chase is hungry boy! And oh so cute!

To Goblin Valley we went 4.27.12

Chase's first camp out. To begin, Chase was such a good sport. As you can see, it was pretty cold. It actually got down to 40 degrees that night and I'm pretty sure the poor little guy was not super warm. He woke up every hour and a half until around 4am and then he finally slept until around 7am. Next time, we'll be better prepared. Other than sleeping, we had a lot of fun with both families that we went with: Jake, Emilie and Saywer and Nate and Kristen. It was quite the adventure with two babies a pregnant lady and a dog.

 Even Aspen was shivering.
Our little eskimo.

 The next morning was really warm, granted we were in the desert, and we explored Goblin Valley a bit.
Our cute little family.

I think this picture is hilarious.

Our newest addition to the family

 This is my dearest Betsy, it was the last picture I took with her. She was the best car I ever owned (the only car I personally owned) and she was very good to me. She never left me stranded and was very reliable. She had her bumps and bruises but she was faithful and I will always love her. She saw me through smiles and tears and will be well remembered in my book of life. It came time to trade her in for something safer, bigger and more reliable.
 This is now our family car, a 2008 Honda Pilot. She is a beauty and we are very excited to welcome her to our family. We feel she is the perfect fit, not too big, not too small and just the right color.

We broke her in by letting her take us on Chase's first camp out.