Monday, January 14, 2013

First Haircut and more...

We gave Chase his first haircut on Oct. 29, the day he lost his curls.
The first pictures are momentos of his baby curls. Seriously so cute.
As new parents we didn't really know what were doing when trying to cut a very busy baby's hair. So we put him in the tub, because he's happy there. Bad idea. Way too much much mobility. We ended up taking him out and I held him while Jon cut his hair. Also to know, you have to work quickly because baby's have a very short attention span. We didn't think about that either. Needless to say, his first haircut went well under the circumstances and we will be more prepared for the second one.

 We actually took quite a few walks in the canyon as a family and just me and Chase during the fall. Chase enjoyed it and so did we. I went up there on a few Sunday afternoons and walked for a while, Chase would always fall asleep. His cheeks got rosey because it was crisp but he was all nice and bundled so he stayed warm.

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