Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 31

Week 31.
Two months from today (8.21.11)is our Due Date!
Recently I've noticed people don't look at my face any more,
they look at my belly, haha! I went to the gym last week wearing work out clothes from
pre prego and realized they're just too tight. I invested in some maternity tops for the gym this weekend, so I should be more comfortable now
and less looking like I'm fitting into too small of clothes.

I'm still enjoying being pregnant, just get a little achy in my legs. I have a pulled muscle that won't seem to heal which is annoying, but all and all I feel really good. I also need to get more sleep, by mid afternoon I'm just dragging. Baby Chase moves all the time it seems and especially at night, somehow he thinks it's play time, which makes it hard to fall asleep or back to sleep after going potty. Sometimes it feels like fireworks in my belly.

Tonight I went to the Cambell's for the evening. This is Lindsey and Hattie. We enjoyed a delicious meal, talk of what's to come for Jon and I and a nice walk. It was such a great night.

Big Progress

Jon made LOTS of progress on the crib this week. Isn't is a beauty?
He spends hours down in his shop working on this crib,
I just can't believe the work he is producing!
I can't wait for the final product.
Honestly though, it is a labor of love to me
and shows how much Jon loves our little Chase already,
which makes my heart melt.
I am so excited to see Jon hold his baby boy for the first time,
words won't be able to express.

That's a happy smile, huh!
The next step is to figure out how to bend wood
for the crowning piece on the headboard and side pieces,
then sanding, glueing and staining.
Lots of work down, lots of work to go.

You're the best honey!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making of the Crib

The order of these pictures start at the bottom. Sometime around the beginning of July, Jon went and bought the wood for the crib, prior to that he spent hours creating plans for the crib. We chose Walnut and it's a real beauty. He managed to fit the wood into my little Civic, pretty amazing and then the planning out of the wood began. Looking from the outside, it was like putting together a puzzle, trying to see what pieces he needed to cut out and where. First of all, from the last picture to the first, many, many hours have gone into making this. Jon is so precise and meticulous, all those measurements would have driven me batty! I had no idea how talented my hubby is in making furniture, it is so cool to watch. He actually has everything cut out at this point and is figuring out how to bend the wood for the headboard. I hope I've done this process justice, if not just ask Jon because he's the Master behind it.


Week 29, 5 days

I'm definitely starting to feel pregnant. My hips and lower back are achy and I feel like I'm getting really tired again. Leaning over is just not fun and I feel like I'm out of breath often. A few very fun things are we have chosen a name (most likely) and his movement is major these days. I can tell when it's an appendage moving across my belly. Sometimes he seems to be so stretched out I should be able to see a hand or footprint, none the less I haven't seen one. Some times I think he's just going to pop out. I sure do love my little guy already.

So do you want to know his name..... I'll tell ya.

Chase Craig Orgill.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Week 27, 3 days

Dad and Jon's Backpacking Trip

When Jon and I went to Florida for Thanksgiving, dad started talking to Jon about going backpacking and this was the well awaited, thought about, talked about trip. They headed to the Uintas in hopes to go to Island Lake but then ended up at Duck Lake, due to a plethora of Boy Scouts around the first lake. Although the weather wasn't ideal, they both seemed to have a great time. I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

They came back tired but happy and pretty stinky:).
Dad's already talking about next years trip. I think he's so happy to finally have sons, that he gets in all the manly stuff as possible when they are around.

The Stansbury's in Utah!

Mom and Dad arrived in Utah late on Friday July 22. It was so nice to have them in our home! When they arrived, mom and I stayed up late looking at all of the maternity clothes they brought (thanks Hilary and Heidi!!) which was very exciting. The next morning we went to Kneaders for a yummy breakfast and then to REI for dad and Jon to pick up a few things for their backpacking trip. Aspen accompanied us too, which was fun and only made us want a bigger car for her. Later, Jon headed to work and I took my parents to Cafe Rio, one of their favorite restaurants in Utah.

After Jon and Dad left, mom and I organized Maternity clothes, prepared baby's room and closet, met a dear friend Emma Hulse at Gardner Village and just enjoyed being together. You're the best mom, I love you!
Then... Hilary came in town on Wednesday and brought a whole suitcase of BABY CLOTHES! It was SO FUN to look at all of the clothes and reminisce upon when Lincoln or Austin (my nephews) wore them. It was so fun. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of the clothes. Thank you, Thank you, Hilary and Heidi!!
Hilary came in town on Wednesday night and we left on Thursday for California and our cousin's wedding, more pictures to come....

Happy Birthday Aspen!

Aspen turned One Years Old on July 23rd!
What a delight she has been for Jon and I, we just love her.
She makes us feel like a million bucks when we walk through the door because she is ALWAYS excited to see us. She's a talker I tell you, she tells us just how much she has missed us. I think it's adorable, you just have to see it to believe it.
She loves going for walks, playing in water, chasing and usually retrieving the frisbee or ball, playing with any other dog (especially her buddy Jake and Brody), eating ice cubes and water melon, snoozing on her bed, in her kennel or on the couch and getting her belly rubbed. She is a cutie I tell you.
She is currently learning how to heal, stay and laydown on command and not greet people unless we let her. It's a work in progress guys and is no easy task, some days are better than others.
And maybe being puppy parents has prepared us just a little for our little boy, maybe a little:)

Seattle Trip July 7-10

Not long after Thayne and Craig left Utah, we followed suit and drove up to Seattle for Kristen and Nate's Seattle Reception. It was a very quick trip, but totally worth it. We left from the Timpanogos Temple right after a dear friend's wedding and made it to the Oregon border. We finished the rest of the trip on Friday, which was nice for me and my growing belly and ever smaller bladder. It was so nice to all be together at the Orgills. We picked strawberries, had a picnice, drove up to Snowqualmie Falls, decorated for a beautiful reception (still needing photos for that), enjoyed seeing old friends at the reception and church the next day, took a Sunday evening walk and had a family dinner. We packed a lot into a few short days. Then we made the trip back to Utah on Monday and started work on Tuesday.

I was 24 weeks, 6 days in this picture.